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Decorate your home for fall

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Fall decorating means a return to warm, welcoming spaces — rooms made for gathering with friends and family.

Here are some of our favorite ways to get your home ready for the crisper colder days ahead..

1. Swap out lightweight wovens for heavier fabrics. Think in warmer, earthier and deep jewel tones for pillows & decor.

2. Add candles, branches, dried flowers and leaves - swapping out lighter, fresher floral scents with those a little muskier, woodsier.

3. Bring out your vintage brass candle sticks and collect greenery from your garden to add to your tablescape & mantel.

4. Fill woven baskets with heavy throws, the more texture the better! Place them by your reading nook, where you can grab a throw to cozy up to take a nap, sip your morning coffee or catch up on your favorite TV shows!

5. Browse vintage shops for handmade and Studio pottery to add plenty of warmth to your kitchen and interiors.

Shop some of our favorites for your fall home decor

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