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"How Our Exclusive Design Process Can Transform Your Home in Alameda & THE SF Bay Area"

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey to elevate your space? At Elephant Town Studio , we're excited to guide you through every step of the process with our seamless approach.

Step 1 : Discovery & Onboarding

Discovery and Onboarding: Begin by filling out a form on our website and booking a free 20-minute video call. If it's a match, we'll schedule an in-home consultation of up to 2 hours. During this meeting, we'll delve into your vision, discuss all possibilities, and explore solutions tailored to your needs.

Step 2 : Scope of Work and Proposal

Following the consultation, we'll provide you with a detailed scope of work and design fee proposal. Once approved and the contract is signed, we're all set to bring your vision to life!

Step 3 : Design Discovery

To ensure we capture your style and preferences accurately, you'll complete a comprehensive design questionnaire. Additionally, we'll create a shared Pinterest board where you can pin inspiration images. We'll also conduct a site survey and Design Discovery Day to gather all necessary details about your space.

Step 4 : Concept Design

This collaborative phase involves developing concept mood boards, preliminary budgets, and initial selections. Your feedback and input are integral as we refine the design to align perfectly with your vision.

Step 5 : Detail Design

As we move forward, we'll delve into the specifics, selecting each item needed to complete the design. We'll also develop detailed design drawings and create specification sheets, ensuring every aspect is meticulously planned.

Step 6 : Final Design Presentation

Prepare to be amazed as we present a comprehensive design package, including a stunning 3D rendering of your finished space. This presentation allows you to visualize the end result and make any final adjustments before implementation begins.

Step 7 : Design Implementation

Whether you choose our Design Only or Full-Service option, we're committed to supporting you every step of the way. From procurement to installation, our team will ensure your vision is brought to life seamlessly and to your exact specifications.

Our meticulous 7-step process ensures a seamless journey for your home renovation project in Alameda and the San Francisco Bay Area, turning your ideas into stunning reality.

Warmest wishes and Happy Designing!



Q: What Interior Design services are offered by Elephant Town Studio?

A : Elephant Town Studio accommodates projects of all sizes and budgets, striving to adapt to client financial constraints. In instances of limited budgets, we may utilize existing furniture, adjust project scope, or recommend our Virtual Design or Design Consultation services. Our services encompass renovations, furnishings, new builds, space planning, color consultations, and customized design solutions tailored to each client's specific requirements.

Q : How does Elephant Town Studio Approach design and each project ?

A : We begin the design journey by conducting in-depth discussions with clients to grasp their unique preferences and visions. From there, we develop a personalized design strategy, collaborating closely with clients to ensure their aspirations are translated into reality. Recognizing the diversity of individual tastes, we are dedicated to accommodating even the most specific requests, even if they aren't showcased on our website, as we are committed to making each client's dream a reality.

Q : Why should I choose Elephant Town Studio for my next Project in Alameda, San Francisco Bay Area?

A : Selecting Elephant Town Studio for your next design project in the San Francisco Bay Area provides a distinct advantage, thanks to the profound passion and dedication of its founder, Mary Ann Skaria. With years of experience collaborating with designers before starting her own venture, Mary Ann truly understands the unique needs of the Bay Area community. What sets her apart is her keen eye for detail throughout the design process, placing her ahead of her industry peers. Mary Ann's love for design stems not only from her background in fine arts but also from her personal journey in creating her family's home. Delve deeper into her personal home design story here.

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