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guide to a Sustainable and Stress-Free Holiday home

This holiday season let's embrace a slow living approach to decorating -emphasizing natural elements, handmade quality, and timeless style. Holiday decorating and entertaining is all about creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that is centered around cherished traditions and meaningful moments with loved ones. I invite you to embrace the essence of a season filled with meaning and the magic of the imperfectly perfect..

Here are some of my favorite ways to have a stress free and sustainable holiday season.

1. Incorporate Natural Elements

Bring in the nature with pine cones, live branches and preserved fruit slices into your decor. You can use them to create beautiful wreaths, garlands, or even as table centerpieces.

2. Handmade Quality

Invest in handmade or artisanal holiday decorations. These items often have a unique and personalized feel, and they can become cherished pieces that you pass down through generations.

3. Avoid Following Trends

Staying away from trends ensures that your decorations have a timeless quality. Consider natural materials like kraft paper and raffia for your gift wrapping. Your holiday decor will never go out of style, and you won't have to update it every year.

4. Vintage Ornaments & Decor

Vintage ornaments (Think handmade glass) from estate sales or antique stores are a great way to add character to your holiday decor. They often have a sense of nostalgia and can become conversation starters.

5. Classic Holiday

Embrace classic holiday themes or old-world charm in your decor.

Think of traditional colors, such as red, green, silver and gold, and classic motifs like snowflakes and angels. It doesn't get more timeless than a tree trimmed with an angel topper, red ribbon, classic ornaments, string lights and preserved green wreaths!

6. Building Your Collection

Each year, add a special piece to your holiday decor collection. Think of it as an investment in creating a tradition for your family. Over time, your collection will grow and become more meaningful. My personal favorite collection includes Vintage German Nutcrackers. Bringing them out every year is one of our beloved holiday traditions and I look forward to passing the collection on to our kids one day!

7. Enjoy Family and Food

Prioritize spending quality time with family and friends during the holiday season. Prepare as much as you can in advance, so you have more time to relax, enjoy the festivities, and savor delicious meals without feeling overwhelmed by the decorations.

8. Create Holiday Traditions

Consider creating holiday traditions that revolve around decorating. For example, make a day out of decorating the tree, or have a special gathering where family members contribute to the handmade decorations.

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